MR Zay
 Young father Steps out to speak on the violence that is affecting all our citys.
his heart felt words afect all of us that have children or have lost a loved one.
Zay has been around a good tuenty years performing and playing for the church as minister of music

he has performed with numerous gospel celebritys and is a producer as well as a writer.
 he has been writing and playing songs  sence the age of 10.

Mr Zay lives in one of the most crime and gang infested citys of Ohio, a city called Hamilton Ohio.
 Zay was born and raised there. he is the son of Missionary Lavon Smiley of christ Temple C>O>G>I>C
a community missionary who was well loved.

 Lavon mother of 9 kids 6 sons 4 of them preachers including her oldest Pastor Antoine Smiley who has joined her in the afterlife. 1  missionary 2 other daughters Tiffany and Felishia  Zay has gotten his title honestly and is a great minister. Zay is married and father of 4 children by Maria Burnett.
Zay also makes the best Macaroni and Cheese you have ever tasted he stole that recipe from his mom.

Zay has performed at the nation convention for C.O.G.I.C
to many churches and funerals to mention. he has been a part of numerous groups and programs nationally

I remember seeing him play drums as a child, and wacthing him develope as a gospel star.
multi talented playing various instruments with his anointed voice never failed to draw a tear somewhere in the crowd.

Mr Zay thank you for taking the time to make a song that transends this message and allows us all to greive over the past arm ourselves with knowledge and unity and be aware of the current situation at hand.
we are a target, arm your self with the knowledge of the law of this land know your rights. you fight in court not on the street with the police. we have a strong voice together there is strength in numbers

 IF we  have children we  have to worry about  THEIR LIVES AND OURS.
we all know some police  take advantage of the badge, it gives them authority and  power that they abuse whether black or white,we are all human first, OUR kids can be asses too but this is a time when we need to come together like the Chinese
I  have experienced prejudice,  we have lost officers and family members in our family and still have some serving but the Klan attitude has already infiltrated the police attitude of some. their crimes are Hanas.
 I pray that they will be enlightened and America does not become a third world country

 For Such A Great Song.
Radio Angels.Song Awards
Seal of Approval
1420 Am Radio Atlanta
Rainbow Radio Corporation


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