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Atlanta is Blessed With a Jewell
former A&R Gail Smiley who has helped so many singers & rappers in the industry says it can sometime be a very cold place. People forget the people who help them they tend to get caught up in their selves and forget all the hard work you may have done for them in the background , most artist want to say they did it on their own , when the truth is there were a lot of people in the back ground. No one person can make it alone , they had to have a team of people who believed in their craft and made a sound decision to push them. agents, managers, promoters , publicist , marketers, graphic designers , radio, Television  As well as magazines Internet and people who blog as well as managers, agents and label representatives. The general people who support the movement.
Gail said I Did not expect everything to go so fast , I guess the timing was right
This comes as a shock to the whole team. People from every where have sent letters of support videos congratulating the team , I am not surprised as it seems every thing Mz Gail has touches has been successful in one way or another , although Gail Say's she has had lots of failure which is to be expected when you are a trail blazer like herself. We ask Mz. Gail about her about her most valuable lesson she has learned in Atlanta and Gail said, well to mentions no names it was an experience wit a young lady who i took on as a client because she had the saddest story about her experience in the industry, she began to tell me about , and i got drawn in because i am a woman also and could feel her pain through her crying, but little did i know after all my efforts and hard work trying to get this artist closer to her destiny she would be so ungrateful. The most valuable thing I learned is to to stay on top of my game and stick to the script having artist that are not under contract is like having a check with no ID, contracted artist gives you a lot more leeway in what you can and cannot do,  in this case there was no contract the artist was a unknown caused quite a stir targeting my character. Gail says many of the people she met were not even who they posed to be , word of advice do your research. The Atlanta Eye Spy asked her what she would do different and she replied she would check their mental background because even crazy people can be talented .  Seriously i would actually use the regular procedure of doing business on a personal level it's not good business to make decisions based on feelings ,
AI asked Miss Smiley about the beef between the new No Limit Forever Beef, And she said it's no beef there has never been a beef with anyone A&R T Miles Has And will always be a friend word were crossed from both teams and handled out of the media presence it was said Master P Himself made a call to find out the dealings. the small feud died out without confrontation from eighter side. Gail Said with success. I have learned to keep certain things private until it's time to release them , she stated every thing that sparkles is not gold and said she does not understand why Black Platinum 317 is such a threat to anyone Just New and Fresh.


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