Young Poody

Young PoodyWest Dallas  “Yung Poody”, born Roderick Thompson steps on the scene bringing the
throwback feel of lyrical wordplay to the 21st Century. Yung Poody discovered his first love for the hip
hop genre at the young age of 14 years old taking a liking to lyrical pioneers such as Big Daddy Kane,
UGK, Eightball & MJG, Ice Cube, and Scarface. Being a lover of all territories from West, East and
back home in the South, Poody describes his musical influences to be non-discriminating & without
boundaries, his flow is one with a 90’s flavored appeal having a real life story to be told. “I’m different
from many artists out of “The D” because I’m not caught up on the heavy beats and hooks, my music
is grown & my wordplay is sophisticated.” Joining forces with producer (and child hood friend) KZ as
well as Genie In A Bottle Productions & Mr. Free, Poody’s first album, rightfully titled "It’s My Time",
debuted in 2011. That was only a teaser for what he has to bring. “On this album, I’m just courting Hip
Hop, but before the end of the year, I would’ve Put a Ring on It”, states Poody on the expectations of
his albums’ performance. As expected he and hip hop are now happily married! For the honeymoon
he released a very daring and sexy mixtape boldly proclaiming himself “Mr. Plummer”. This playful
work features the title track “Mr. Plummer”, as well as other steamy hits like “U Nasty” and the
sensual eargasm “Lay Down”. The next lovechild from this magical union was recently released in
October of 2014, long awaited by his adoring fans. Its name describes Yung Poody’s self perceived
status in the music industry “Underdawg Of Da Year”. This collection features street hot single,
“Rolling Down the Highway” with the lovely Miss. Hilary “Honey B” Banks, inspirational and radio
ready hit, “Highs”, and the fan favorite “Are You the One” featuring R&B phenomenon Durance
Ware. His biggest single to date, “Cant Wear Skinny Jeans” has been doing major numbers online.
Poody has sparked a complete fashion reform with the Cant Wear Skinny Jeans Movement, rebuking
the trend of tight skinny jeans being worn by men. Once that single hit the airwaves, it started a viral 


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