Actor J Amore Love

Television - Deven Jackson P.A (SAG)
Stage - "Forbidden Love" Raquan Todd (Lead Role) Director: J. Brown "The History of Africa" Lead Muse Director: B.Thibault August Wilson's "Fences" Character:Troy Director: B. Thibault Local talent shows 1st Place Tri Cities High Frederick Douglass Oratorical Competition 1st Place "Xernona Clayton Speech Competition " 2nd Place Xernona Clayton "Bah Humbug" Character: Ebenezer Scrooge
Training - High School Drama Club & Chorus: Frederick Douglass High school (also in men’s ensemble) Middle School Drama Club & Chorus: Paul D. West Middle school Elementary School Drama Club & Chorus: Oak Knoll Elementary School Teen Summits at local Boys and Girls Clubs Jerome Brown’s acting class. ( Dajero Productions)
J'Amore Morton was born to the surpassed parent of Elizabeth Webb in the fall of November 1992. He has two well-known siblings, Dudley Webb and Lashandria Morton. Unlike some children, J'Amore was exceptional. He had a knack for fame and fortune. At the age of four, he starred as “Frosty the Snowman” in his pre-school play. He was awarded most talented in the class. Acting and Drama had indeed become a passion for him. At the age of ten, J'Amore also starred in the musical “Grease” for his elementary school. He received standing ovations from everyone in the crowd. Acting became more than a hobby and a pastime for J'Amore. It became a passion and vehemence. He was always known for his ability to portray multiple characters and make the faces of new people glow. As he matured, he began entering auditions for various agencies. Just about all of the auditions were scams, but J'Amore stayed optimistic and kept his dream of becoming a star. Upon entering high school, an actual experience in the drama department had been introduced to J'Amore. He was always gifted with quick wits and dramatics, so theater was right up his alley. He then performed in his first high school theatrical play called “The History of Africa”. He starred as the lead muse.
In the winter of 2007, J'Amore was inducted into the NJHS (National Junior Honor Society) for his outstanding academic abilities. J'Amore subsequently decided to take acting to the next level and became solemn to his craft. He started to become more interested in theater and began to star in more plays. He was known to aw the crowds and he was struck with popularity. J'Amore has many talents. He was always an athlete until a catch landed him in the E.R with a torn ACL and MCL. J'Amore could’ve effortlessly relied on his other talents such as singing, rapping, poetry, dancing, and many more strenuous gifts, but at this point, he realized his potential as an actor and picked up a script again. He then was recruited by Morehouse School of Medicine because of his artistic endowment. They now pay J'Amore to inform the community about the spread of H.I.V.In December of 2009, J'Amore was asked to play the lead role of Raquan Todd, in the play “Thy Brother’s Love Thy Mother’s Loss. The crowds were inundated and he received an enthusiastic applause. It landed him on track for success. He is considered to be the “next” Will Smith because of their similarities as an actor and his personal background. J'Amore is currently filming a new T.V Series that is coming soon (SAG)while waiting on his flight of ambition to depart. Until then, you’ll be seeing him at Plays and any production that requires a performance near you!


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