Bad Attitude NIKKI O Dropped like a Hot Cake

Artist Nikki O Was Recently Dropped from Unruly South Entertainment Company
recording artist Nikki O who performed at the Women In The Black here in NY was not the center of attraction, people were leaving the event and calling her unskilled. when management addressed her situation the encountered a bad attitude as well as her label.  Nikki O is a new artist who has about a 500 people fan base due to the fact your fans are only 10 percent of your hits.the art.  Nikki O Was Dropped  Not The diva has 6 kids and a constant battle of excuses BMH Records Booked Nikki O for dates with popular signed artist only for her to tell them she refused to perform because of a error that occurred with a DJ at another performance which was her fault for not Following Instructions, like please bring a CD which she refused,
Her road management incurred a non payment for all performances. Nikki O always had an excuse that her kids needed something or they were hungry and you can't play being a artist and expecting others to support you with out a proven track record is crazy.  Raise your kids and then come back without excuses. this is a business and singers are a dime a dozen with problems. no one wants to deal with excuses not even the gas company.and such defiant behavior will only land you in court
Nikki O was told she had to pay for her distribution like all other artist and she refused.she was told
she need to pay for promotions on her music and refused, after being submitted to Atlantic Records and being told by 2 labels she was not able to get a signing bonus Nikki O who talks in the 3rd person became angry because they asked her to wear veneers over her gap she rebelled saying she wants to rep her gap. Her management company picked her up with 523 hits on her CD and promoted her to above 2300 yet Nikki O refused to pay for services and became more unbearable with her attitude. The management company who Dropped her like a hot cake saying she is a problem artist. Nikki O was reviewed by numerous  Music Groups and Labels only to experience a let down because of  how long the song had been out 2 years and her numbers were under a thousand. Nikki O could not secure a distribution deal, at that time her management told her to step up her game she concurred and made a plan but did not stick to it. Management say's they do not have valuable time to waste on a artist with a mountain of excuses, all revolving around her 6 kids and lack of commitment to her own music. Singer Nikki O is also Involved in a lengthily Custody Battle trying to get 4 of her children back from her X husband who has divorced her.
 After performing Live At The Women In The Black. Nikki O met with Industry professionals who would have loved to work with her but would not invest in her until they saw a solid track record of  her performance & fan base giving her time to promote and build and ticket base in the thousands. After consulting with Nikki O numerous times her management company decided she was a waste of time and problematical. Labels have a problem with signing people when the excuses pile up during development. as for Nikki O she was to busy finding new out fits rather than paying her people that's the sign of a person who does not know what they are doing and wont listen to people who do.the management company says we wish you luck on your journey, and hope you learn services have to be paid. The company filed a 5000 dollar lawsuit just to set precedence. Going forward Nikki you pay up front because anyone who trust you will end up in court suing to get what they are owed. This will be a case to remember, as for the management company they have moved on and introduced their new artist and the new CD Unruly South and The 40 Thieves which Nikki O will not appear on. good luck UnRuly
watch out for those UnRuly artist Like Nikki O.
Atlanta I Spy will follow up with the court case and keep you updated

 Bye The Way Nikki O, Nice Wig Nikki O is a make Up Artist for Sephoria.and currently resides in Bronx NY signed to BMH Island Def Jam Distribution Status Contract DROPPED like a hot Cake



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