Elaine Gibbs

Singer Elaine Gibbs
you may remember her as one of the contestants of  X Factor as she rocked the stage with her dynamic performances singing and looking effortley timless as she climbs the scales with her uniquie powerful version of singer R&B & POP.
Elaine says she loved to have fun and for her singing for people and seeing them enjoy her music give her joy
and though she did not win the competion and later faced some life changing tragedys after performing on X Factor. Elaine has overcome her adversitys and now is going on with her career as a singer. Currently she works with producer and writer Richard Niles who is producing her first album sence X Factor.
She has a New Single and is eger to share it with the world. We  are sure this is not the last you will here about Elaine.At 50 she is still bring the house down. she was truly a undiscovered talent for far to long. we look forward to enjoying the artist Elaine Gibbs .
for booking contact unrulysouth@gmail.com/ www.unrulysouth.webs.com. 'via Blog this'


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