New Artist Nikki O

Artist Nikki O is causing quite the buzz with her new song "Get With You"
Nikki O has really worked hard say's her manager she is grounded , focused and really turning out great songs .  we are just waiting for the right deal,  she states Nikki O is a gem to work with she is very spritual being recently after doing a performance for a church that refused to honor her celebrity status and stopped payment on the check they gave her . Nikki O began receiving request for her music & video of which no promotions were put into for a test market project we wanted to see how many people would tag it to someone else.  In this we are busy sending out request for her music is's an exciting time for Nikki O
people respond to her, I saw people crying when she sang the crowd was mesmerized she has that thing that fills the room and takes over  The video "Get With You" is also out it was released a year later due to all the request and Nikki O enjoyed working with he director loved the final video an I was pleasantly prized and quickly shared it with all my friends and DJ's I know. Nikki O has a different style she brings to the table she portrays the aggressive woman in this video , the woman you have to worry about the Go Getter real woman wifely  material bringing it to the table that everyday working girl who has to get the attention of the man she wants, then have the Mack to get his attention show because we are all not booty bouncers or runway models she complements the intelligent side of a woman until he falls. Every woman want to be sexy and having a great time with the man she wants in her life. I am with ya girl I like this song, I will put this one in the CD player where it belongs and play it over and over. great song Nikki O we look forward to hearing from you soon.I am sure some label will snatch you up.


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