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Patricia Louise Holt Edwards (born May 24, 1944), better known under the stage name, Patti La Belle, is an American singer, author and actress.who has exceeded all aspects of singing patty has a voice you want to listen to her performance take you on a journey , the way she curls and manipulates her voice to the essence of each song she sings brings the crowed to their feet every time. I appreciate the richness and quality of her voice as well as the range. great singer's like this don't come along every day and are not easily forgotten. La Belle spent sixteen years as lead singer of Patti La Belle and the Bluebelles, who changed their name to Labelle in the early 1970s and released the disco song, "Lady Marmalade".
La Belle started her solo career shortly after the group disbanded in 1977 and crossed over to pop music with "On My Own", "If Only You Knew", "If You Asked Me To", "Stir It Up" and "New Attitude". She has also recorded R&B ballads such as "You Are My Friend" and "Love, Need and Want You". in 2009 patty was inducted into the hall of fame in 2011 received the life
time achievement award. along with all the award's and goals already accomplished Patty continues to pursue her career in acting appearing in movies & television shows as well as always cooking a feast for a king Patty is an excellent cook and the author of "Recipes To Sing About" her first book which was released again and is still available for those who would love to try some of her delicious recipes. and for those who would love to see a good concert don't misss Patty when she comes through your town. and remember make music count.
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