Solid Rock, Pastor Lawrence Bishop Dies! The New Legacy Begins

Born in Zag, Morgan County, Kentucky Lawrence, at the tender age of 12, moved to Ohio with his father, mother, and siblings. While still in school, Lawrence discovered a talent for evaluating, buying, selling and trading horses. He tells a story of buying a horse for $25, bringing it home, only to have his father tell him the horse was blind. Undaunted, Lawrence, washed, groomed, trimmed the horse until his dad didn't recognize it. He ultimately sold this horse for $250. His horse dealing career began right there. He since has built one of the most successful Quarter Horse ranches in the nation. The LB Ranch is home to many famous stallions and other championship horses. Horse traders come from across the United States and all over the world to buy quality horses from the LB Ranch.Lawrence Bishop has a powerful testimony of how God called a prosperous Christian businessman with a heart to serve, to pastor a thriving New Testament church  In 1975, Lawrence reached a desperate point in his life. While building a vast horse business and traveling as a highly sought-after auctioneer, he found himself putting his family and God behind his business ventures. He knew that his priorities had to change. One night, after much prodding by his wife, he attended a local church service. During that meeting, he felt as if the preacher were speaking directly to him and even suspected that Darlene had spoken to the preacher concerning his situation. Lawrence recommitted his life to Christ that night and a short time later, surrendered to the call of ministry. This calling culminated in the founding of Solid Rock Church at Monroe, Ohio.

Pastor Bishop was pastor to many, home of  Shirley Murdock and many of the elite celebrity's in  Cincinnati Ohio  ,Bishop was best know for his heart, he was a very generous pastor who always blessed the less fortunate. He has been known to give away Mercedes Benz,  Jaguar's and even his own  brand new truck, After he gave away his truck and bought a new one he found out he did not like the new one so one Sunday while he was preaching he gave the man the new  truck all paid off And took the old one back for his self . Pastor Bishop paid special attention to every member that made their self available to him. He taught bible study he came to new member classes to meet the new members , he was always very approachable.  Pastor Bishop was host to many of the top preachers such as his great friend T.D Jake's , Juanita Bynum , Joyce Meyer, Jessie Duplantas , Paula White & many more. Many of the gospels top performers have performed at the church, Roger Troutmans funeral service was held there. Pastor Bishop will be dearly missed by his members and friends as well as the family, But surley remembered with love & admiration for the great words and deeds of encouragement as well as the great legacy he has left behind in the very capable hands of his family, who he truly trained up in the way. Lawrence Bishop 111  and his dear wife Pastor Darlene Bishop who are also great leaders and wonderful people. from the Atlanta I Spy Magazine  our deepest condolences with heartfelt sympathies to your family and friends.  But we celebrate the life of a great man with many accomplishments.  Surely he had some rough patches but he never gave up kept on preaching and teaching what he believed in. he never lost he faith.   to the family and friends  I leave you with this... A GOOD MANS STEPS ARE ORDERED BY THE LORD. He Was A Good Man. — The Solid Rock Church is mourning the loss of its founder, the Rev. Lawrence Bishop, who died on Friday at the age of 69 after suffering a stroke.
On Thursday, Bishop was transported to the Atrium Medical Center after being found unresponsive. He was later transferred to Christ Hospital where it was determined that he died as a result of a massive brain stem stroke, according to a statement sent from the church.
Ron Carter, the longtime church administrator, said, “Ofcourse, the whole church is shocked and we are grieving. It’s just a real heavy time. Like the Bible says, we are cast down, but not destroyed.”
Carter said the Sunday services would be short and that Bishop’s wife, Darlene would speak to the congregation. She and Bishop’s son Lawrence Bishop II declined to comment Saturday.
“He was a very effective preacher. The church grew under his leadership from 12 people when we started to over 3,000 today,” Carter said.
Funeral service will be held at noon on Friday at Solid Rock Church, 903 Union Road, in Monroe. Dwight Thompson, Rod Parsley and Steve Fender will officiate. Visitation will be held at the church from 5 to 9 p.m. on Thursday and from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday.
Bishop founded Solid Rock Church in 1978. This was inspired by randomly reading Matthew 6:33 in his Bible: “(S)eek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”
The church — which was known for its giant statue of Jesus that faced Interstate 75 and its subsequent combustion in June 2010 when lightning struck it — was relocated in 1992 to Monroe he outgrew his Middletown church.
In addition to his ministry at Solid Rock Church, Bishop was a nationally recognized horse rancher and breeder of quarter horses. He operated the LB Ranch in Monroe, which produced several World Champion quarter horses. Lawrence shipped horses across the country, as well as exported horses to Canada, Europe and other parts of the world. Prior to founding Solid Rock Church, he was a nationally sought after Quarter Horse Auctioneer.
By the mid-1970s, Lawrence’s business as a horse breeder and auctioneer was booming, according to Middletown Journal archives, but he had said he was drifting away from God and his family.
Besides preaching, Bishop’s passion was bluegrass gospel music, according to the church’s statement. He was a mandolin player and songwriter. He along with his band released six gospel bluegrass CDs and had four number one songs. He was 2005 Music Evangelist of the Year and 2007 Inspirational Bluegrass Artist. He also fulfilled his life-long dream of singing at the Grand Ole Opry.
Bishop was born on July 3, 1942, in Zag, Kentucky, the son of Gardner and Mary (Carter) Bishop. He is survived by his wife and son ; three daughters, Jana (Mark) Mitten of Monroe, Renee (Doron) Kim of Los Angeles, Calif., and Julie (Leroy) Hooks of Monroe; 10 grandchildren, one great-grandchild, two brothers and one sister. He was preceded in death by his parents and one sister, Carrie Nipper.

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Funeral services for the Rev. Lawrence Bishop

When: noon on Friday
Where: Solid Rock Church, 903 Union Road, Monroe.
Visitation: at the church from 5 to 9 p.m. Thursday and from 10 a.m. to noon on Friday


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