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Big B

Gansta Rapper "Big B"
Released His New CD "Southside Of Maryland" This Is A Hot Cd Big B Is On The Move Performing And Promoting His New Cd That Is Doing Very Well.
We Caught Up With "Big B" On Line While He Was out Of Town Performing There Seem's To Be A Demand for His Music. Producer & Rapper Big B Take's Control Of the Stage When He Performs The Crowd Is Crazy Big B Has A Hard Swagger And A Ganster Sound With The Build Of A Football Player The Lady's' Love It" Big B" Is Currently Not Signed To A Label But Is Considering One In Particular We Will Just Have To Wait And See Who Big B Sign's With Currently He Say's He Is Still Open To Negotiations. As We Continue Our Cover On Unsigned Artist Look For Your Favorite Unsigned Artist Her On Atlanta Eye Spy.


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