LIL HOMIE E Off To A Great Start!

Lil Homie E
 the new song has hit the market  Lil Homie E Do It For The Fam
now this is a grteat song along the lines of family.
Lil Homie E will Be Shooting a Video in hamilton as wellas showing parts of the south where his family also lives eddie smiley is part of the Ricky Smiley family, his mom gail and father  Pastor Smiley of  Hamilton Ohio Outside of Cincinatti Ohio

Lil Homie E / Propaganda is a song writer producer who creates his own beats from being a church drummer and also a song writer who creates to other producers beats he says creating music is what he loves to do and hope it will take his family and life to another level . his brothers Darius and Le'don supported him along with his older sister and mother. he started drumming at the age of 4 at his fathers church along with his brother Dashaun who was killed ia accidental shooting whicth took pl;ace in Ohio Homie became a statistic in a small town outside of where he was born.

later only to move to atlanta where a  magazine discover Homie after putting him o a mixtape which was distributed around the world to end up in the hand of a magazine editor who loved the song Do It for the fam. he sent it to a friend to play on the radio and it was a hit from there. the magazine editor Kelby who ran Makin It Magazine later found outhe worked with the mother of the artist at one point.
and brought it up to another A&R who also worked with his mother who claimed at the time LIL Homie was Not Ready because he had moved back from Atlanta To Ohio But soon Grew Frustrated and wanted to move back.

after the arrest of his cousin there was not much for LIL Homie E to stay in Ohio For his mother was the best manager and he still counted on her to handle his career  and get him to the next level.
people came and people went some made it and some did not the Atlanta Music scene was fast and brutal some even died trying to live the dream. for many it will never come true and for others it will always be a dream Come true.


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