Merry Xmas Happy New Year

Christmas is a moment in time that everyone shows love. A time of giving for those who have and a time of reciving for those who do not have in some cases. Children all over the world look for the Santa Claus in everyone. Time is joyful, places are filled with lights, candy canes, sugar plums and decorated trees in every color. For some, expensive gifts will make them happy and for others a plate of food will suffice. Boys and girls of every color belive in the dream of Santa leaving a gift under the tree for them to play with during the coming year. Warm coats and stockings fill the room with the feel of Christmas, Kind words of great cheer, music in the air, stores filled with shoppers looking to share a gift with a loved one. Although, sometimes the gift is not what the person wanted, they still receive the gift with love. Some celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, the savior, and others celebrate Hanukkah and/or Kwanzaa, Some say its just a holiday of miracles. partys and dinners where people get together to spend time, They may end with argumets or  enjoy times they will never forget. Some are snowed in until after the holidays pass. Selfies and pictures of presents and special moments will fill the pages of  many this season as they share this time with the world and as we glare at the moments of others. Thats what Christmas is about, sharing with the ones you love. Someone out there doesn't have someone to share the holidays with and to you we wish you a Merry Christmas and pray that you will find love and joy during this season.

 From The Atlanta I Spy to all of our veiwers we wish you the Merriest Christmas of  them all and a Happy New Year.


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