Game Changers The Rich Porter Story

              Azie Fasion
While other writers seemto have a fictional imagination we have found that phasion si s writer who can very well write from memory and like to connect with the real people in his storys.
 Atlanta I Spy had a chance to sit down and speak with  Azie Fasion who wrote the story
 Paid In Full and he was very passionate about his next project, The Rich Porter Story
Azie remembers this story and has written an intimate version of all the accounts. due to the fact that a lot happened aftet the version of the first movie the secound half shows that there are a lot of things that happened after the fact that could both clarify and educate the real story that was stillon going. After reading the script the story is fasinating and ready to go. Azie expressed who he wanted in the movie and of chorus Mekhi Phifer wil be front and center coming back jus know he is a key characterand will definatly leave a mark with this one if he take the part. he also discussed the othere actors and that included  Chris Brown Meek Mill DMX and TI I wonder just what they have to say on taking these parts. the movie is currently going through casting now. Cant wait Azie this sound like a great movie.


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