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Customer Slam The All Star Daycare Academy In Decatur Georgia

On May 23, 2017 incident occurred at yet another daycare facility in Decatur Georgia
All Star Academy. After hearing numerous complaints about a neighborhood daycare overhearing a situation that had just occurred, I decided to investigate my self. when I walked in it was a rainy day and the day care front was being covered by one of the daycare directors.
the front desk was messy and unorganized I was with a customer who was following up on her child being picked up and then brought back because she was not on a list due to staff error she was not added to the pick up list and the school then call her to come across town and pick up her child from school.
The director was unapologetic and had a nasty attitude to her paying customer about her child
and was constantly making excuses as if they were in the right.

the next thing I noticed was the infant rooms were covered even from the outside even after being made aware of incident of teachers not changing babies and children being sent home with rashes
they can not see if the ratio is right for the amount of children or even the type of care that is being given.
next another parent came in to drop off her child on her way to work the director told her that the class was gone to a field trip.. the parent then wanted to know why she was not notified the director the pointed to a small board in the corner that even I did not notice.. there were no accommodations made, because this was a TITLE ONE child they seemed to not care.

After reading the reviews on google more bad than good, I wanted you to be aware that daycare's like this are the very reason that parents don't trust daycare facility's. As parents Please research the company's before you sign your child up for services. do not just take the word of someone close because your child may not receive the care that you want for your child.
In places like these when you sign your child up, take a tour look in the refrigerator look in all the rooms use your sense of smell for cleanliness and look at the faces of the teachers if they look like they don't want to be there don't leave your child there ask about the teachers qualifications and experience her name google her do a background check on the Internet
and last pay attention to what your child is saying about the daycare atmosphere is the teacher nice engaging and interested in the children, what they are learning and doing with them,pay attention to how they return to you each day your child should not display behavior of not wanting to be there and google them and take the reviews serious. If there are scratches there should be gloves placed on that child hands, if there are bruise's ask what happened and why you were not informed.

never be to busy to take the time to make sure your child is receiving the best care even if the state is paying the bill the money spends the same also remember you are paying them and a nasty attitude should always be reported and placed under reviews on google these people make a living off taking care of your children make sure your getting the care and respect you deserve
below you will find reviews of this daycare.
This Day care Left a child at a school and has a nasty attitude with parents when they complain, they cover class rooms and they follow parent to parking lots to argue you down..

Paulina Williams
9 months ago-

This Daycare unfortunately its one of the worst.

I had an aweful experience here. . It was always unorganized and the staff didn't seem to care. They never responded to the parents concerns
Quintessa Jones
Quintessa Jones
a year ago

I give this place a -1. To whom it may concern be careful when you send your child here. I was sold with how great and safe this place was until physical accidents continued to happen to my child. The owner told me over the phone that the ...More

a year ago

My son complained a teacher hit him .. which I believe I've watch the teacher get physical and verbally abusive with the pre k children I also didn't like the fact that after changing his class he became a problem child when before they ...More

Randy Sharp
a year ago

Don't send your kids here! My son's first day he comes home with welts and scratches on his face and no one knows how it got there.
Mackenzie Jackson
Mackenzie Jackson
3 years ago

This center has the most unpleasant owners that I have ever came across in all my days. And the secretary who says she is the owner when the real owners aren't present is not any better. When you first approach the center they are so sweet ...More
A Google User
A Google User
7 years ago

This school was absolutely TERRIBLE. There were several occasions that my son left with diaper rashes due to them not changing his diaper. And once a child scratched my son in the face five times and the assistant Ms. Mark told me she could ...More
LaTisha Woodard
6 months ago

Do NOT take your children here for afterschool care!!! They will be miserable. The staff treat the kids like they have tails.
Agere Selam
10 months ago-

Though the place has great facilities, customer service is very, very poor. The personnel are not polite. At times they are abusive. I think they have issues with many of the immigrant customers.

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Radio Angels interview w/Cheryl Cooley Klymaxx


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KLYMAXX.com: Live at Silverton Casino

 July 21, Stone Mountain Georgia 30088
Wade Walker park

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One Night


Thursday, March 9, 2017


Cheryl The Pearl

The Hottest New Record Label Is Black Bottom Records
Owned by Sequence Member Cheryl The Pearl.

Cheryl  Cook a former member of the trio group Sequence
stepped out the shadows into the front line and is now a female boss
in the music industry with her new look she is ready for the spotlight.
coming from the Sugarhill Gang she ranks as a veteran in the music industry The Sequence was a female old school hip hop trio signed to the Sugar Hill label in the late-1970s and early-1980s. The group consisted of Cheryl Cook, Gwendolyn Chisolm, and lead singer/rapper Angie Brown Stone. Wikipedia they pumped out great music and gave phenomenal performances hitting the top of the charts with FUNK YOU UP ...

The Sugar Hill label's first record was "Rapper's Delight" (1979) by The Sugarhill Gang, which was also the first Top 40 hip hop single. The SequenceGrandmaster Flash and The Furious FiveFunky Four Plus OneCrash CrewTreacherous Three, and the West Street Mob, joined the label. Sugar Hill's in-house producer and arranger Clifton "Jiggs" Chase. The in-house recording engineer was Steve Jerome. Al Goodman, of The Moments, ran the show and George Kerr was a major producer Joe and Sylvia's sons Joey and Leland were also active in the business.

The trio was noticed when they bum rushed a performance by the Sugarhill Gang and sang for them and Sylvia Robinson backstage. Their most notable single was "Funk You Up" (1979), which was the first rap record released by a female group and the second single released by Sugar Hill Records. Elements of "Funk You Up" were later used by Dr. Dre for his 1995 single "Keep Their Heads Ringin'".

The group backed Spoonie Gee on the single "Monster Jam" (1980). Their single "Funky Sound (Tear the Roof Off)" (1981) was a remake of the single "Give Up the Funk (Tear the Roof off the Sucker)" (1976) by Parliament. The groups other charting single was "I Don't Need Your Love (Part One)" (1982). Angie Stone subsequently became a member of Vertical Hold and later a solo artist. In September 2011, without Angie Stone, Cheryl Cook and Gwendolyn Chisolm released a single entitled "On Our Way to the Movies". "On Our Way to the Movies" contains a sample of The Staple Singers' song "Let's Do It Again"

In the  Late 2000's Cheryl began working on her own Record Label Black Bottom Records 
Cheryl continues to drop new music, and now she will be introducing us to the newest and brightest talent on Black Bottom Records.

Congrats Cheryl, you know we love you over here.....

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