Sunday, May 22, 2016

Fabolous , Assap Rocky & Peia Alexander

Peia Alexander/ Let Go
Is a Talented Artist who is talented but suffers from health issues
after signing Peia to a short term contract it was discovered that she
did not up uphold her obligations to the company she signed with nor her management
 after a short visit to Grand Hustle records in Atlanta where she did a sit down with Grand Hustle A&R she was Rejected and soon released from her entertainment company in Atlanta
for breach of contract. songs were presented work was done and due to artist not having paperwork in order with producers Fabolous and Assap Rocky song were not able to be released. the company received bills for video's  and promotional Items done on her behalf where the company was left with bills and no profit from this artist. Managing Agent Gail A&R Smiley says she is a great talent but like some artist they don't listen to whats needed the only see what they want. Peia received numerous opportunity's and had great collabs. she lacked knowledge on how the industry worked and that made it difficult to place her
and collect needed information for a deal. work ethic is the most important thing for A&R's to see not crazy rants leave that to management and publicist or fans.looks and wardrobe is great but skin and teeth count to.artist entering into a new arena should be willing to adjust their attitude and open to learn new way to market and the developement of themselves to new markets and available opportunitys. with that being said there are plenty of artist who will work and are very marketable its not a party till you can afford it or it is on someone else's dime. remember in the begining it is the investors money going towards your product and they want their money back with interest. if you are a artist with good work ethics and numbers along with a good submission package. 

Sunday, April 24, 2016

The Death of Relationships / Backdoor Dating

   Finding a mate to share your life with its hard, to choose a man  because the background check always come s back dirty, he is already married/he is a flirt and a cheater, he is crazy a women beater
just got out of jail for murder he is a rapist or pedifile   or you thought he liked you but he is gay.
Most men think that all women are hoes, they call them hoes and they treat them likes hoes they are like disposable toys through them back when you get tired or treat them bad attack self esteem get them pregnant then get another girl all these things messes with a woman's mind, when you mess with her mind you change her for the worst. If she does not love her self she then cant love you.
When a woman has been broken its hard for her to trust again. When she looses trust she will do one of two things stay and suffer mental abuse becoming jealous emotional trying to keep him ,even though she is pretty enough to get another man she allows him to treat her like a crack head lower her vision and  standards and her self esteem with small things like your teeth used to be white or you always at church so she leaves church. She focuses on pleasing him slowly losing herself and her self worth.  She  feels lonely so she takes the time to dress for her man desiring his attention he ignores her beauty and you refuse to complement her beauty rather he seeks the attention of the Internet celebrity hoes like Kim Kardashian, A hoe on the come up will fuck whoever to get what they want and where they want they are still hoes even hoe fall in love posting pictures on instagram facebook and all over  that should have ended what kind of man wants a hoe for a housewife. Sharing  naked pics of their sculpted man made bodies and men go crazy It's fantasy and you cant compare real women who were brought up to love and have babies to treat a man as they should be treated instead the have affairs in the public by sharing every intimate detail of their body and still think they deserve respect no not so you acting like a hoe a Internet porn star. I love Kanye but I have never been a fan of Kim. she's is too much and she sets quite the example for a child.. studies show that women who are in healthy relationships do well in the workplace or creatively  they rise to the top because they can focus they have love and family with that a woman is satisfied as long as there are no financial troubles her needs and his needs are met there is no room for drama
 it will cause a set back bad communication causes arguments just be honest give the other person a choice and if you don't want to hurt the person your with because you truly love them, talk to them
and let them know you are not ready to be faithful don't take them through this it is traumatic and the next person will also pay if any of the same signs are there support them there are so many things to build together don't let the devil distract you with sex and big buts and chests or money people stay focused be about your business get a job go to school build a business together, train your self , use self discipline and restraint with sex and guns. young men some don't have good homes mothers or fathers don't give up because your not smart as the next person love your self enough to tell your self i will not be put out of school for no using good judgment you owe that to yourself and the ones who fought for writing and reading privileges. and learn to walk away, why shoot someone you don't even have to see, keep it moving you don't even have to speak. most of the time if you meet a real woman about her business she can not find a honest man why cause its 22 women pear man all types everybody loves chocolate. the problem is
Most women, they give up the goods to early they don't even know the man last name  but the got ten dollars, because they want money, bills paid , shoes, weed,  use the car,  need a ride, hungry, alcohol pills they are really not interested in the man for relationship they were just getting their needs met.
The other set is dangerous they fuck you and your friends for $20 or less or a ride a blunt a black and a beer they fall in love and think your gonna leave your wife or main chick because they have a golden pussy and they are so beautiful you do things to make her feel good she want that forever she thinks its just with her but reality is all men come no matter who's pussy it is we are all the same disposable toy wake up and value your self don't let  male pf female take your mind or stop your growth until you are ready but in the mean time be honest it may still hurt some people that you have made a choice but that's life no one is trading in a good hand for the community hoe who just wants
nails, hair to wear to the club to find someone else to run the same game on \. females think that because they have a big but and a pretty smile they can get away with murder. and the men have taught them not to be faithful they don't take you on dates they stop they text and call other females
have families on the other side of town , flirt knowing you got someone waiting on you at home.
young girls fall in love quick and think that because they had sex the deal is sealed.
Cause he saw you bending over and got his nut off now you think he is going to marry you.
No and you don't get to go to church with mamma.   You should know the full back ground before you give up the goods not just where they work and how much they make..
Men forget that their woman needs complements and small talk to keep them interested
seems like brothers want to talk and hang out with the boys  and see if the still got it well thats cool if you under 35 by then you should be secure on who you are people wanted Prince but never got the chance cause he was selective and focused. by 35 you don't have time for games its time to start your real life find or make your family.go after your dream.what ever you do don't waste your time on people who are a waste of time. If your boy is still the same as he was 5 years ago drinking and chasing girls that will be his down fall cause women are like detectives they ask everyone about their man they are hoping for no news but if they find news you can believe its a world war at your house..
Its been said that the way to a man is through his mother i am sorry to tell you if you can cook and clean you lazy always got a excuse momma is not gonna like you cause you are incapable of taking care of her baby. and if you have no job pants sagging and every other word is a curse word daddy wont like you either cause no daddy likes a thug for a son.
Facebook and other Internet sites have contributed to cheating on these sites you can book dates
on your lunch break, one gentle man showed me a picture of a big booty girl and said all he has to do is give her $20 buy her baby some diapers and get her nails done twice a month and he does not have to be bother wit the drama of a relationship, well its not for every one anymore. some men are players and so are some women.
The thing is be safe protect the one you love women are nasty and so are men some things have no symptoms and you can still pass it on. some people are crazy you think its over and there they are
standing over you with a gun. some people do not take casual sex well they become stalkers
and want to know who your mate is so they can cause chaos and confusion or split you and your wife up thinking they have a chance. or maybe you lead them on people do snap
if you are already in a satisfying relationship then why post comments or flirts on some one Else's page for her  or her friends to see or him to see do you even think of who is watching you like hey beautiful on another woman's or mans page. You are causing hurt its not cute and its very immature or disrespectful to your mate.. Now let me adress yall 2 phone slickers  that is lowdown and dirt if you got to get another phone to talk to another female because you want your woman to believe you are faithful
you should be put on phoneless punishment. or left alone by both women. cheaters you need to stop playing games to many people are dying and getting killed over stupid stuff there are bi-polar females
crazy females and people who are at their last straw looking for love in this lonely world. needing someone to care to be there to hold them make them feel good or pretty even wanted.
don't be greedy choose one and live life if you you give them a peace of you for a night  they want the whole thing. love is a feeling desired by everyone we all need some one to love and some one to love us whether it be through sex or  admiration from far or near I love you is welcome everywhere.

Thursday, April 21, 2016