Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Lydia Harris


Promotional Video's Done by Larry Brantley /Platinum Productions

Lydia Harris Lady Boss
New Judgement Day Showcase for independent artist.

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recently we spoke with Lydia about her new up and going showcase Judgement Day
a new showcase formed after the incarnation of Shug Knight of death row
The real Cookie is busy on the scene Lydia harris called Lady Boss or the real Cookie as she refers to herself,was known in the Industry before Shug as a real A&R. Micheal Harris former drug kingpin her current husbands still locked up. Lydis say her drive for the industry is stronger then ever to find good talent. Her Judgment day showcase and new distribution deal with ingrooves will help her secure new ventures with new artist U.S and abroad good luck to you Lydia the atlanta I spy is always interested in new and blossoming stories.

Monday, October 5, 2015

 “UNG” Artist(s) in Shreveport, come from the northern part of  Louisiana, home of the Bernie Movement ,spits  with a southern accent  that sounds that’s too broad  for  others 400 miles outside of the Jungle to comprehend more than just words over rhythm . To the Down South Tourist they are that two rappers speaking in tongues.  UNG  brings a breath of fresh air and sound to the music industry with the birth of a new nation called the Bermillians .UNG consists of two Artist(s), Scripture Da Messenger and Loopy G  who Life music produces one big Gumbo-Funk soup pot of Southern Life Music
.Internet sensation over 85 million views and countless followers
Moving Like Bernie Movement is growing fast; The birth of a new nation, "The Bermillians"
The Bernie Nation! 

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Teen Rapper Shot Multiple Times In Georgia

Jerrick Jamal Carr
 "Black N Mild Jamal"

A teenager was found dead between two homes in DeKalb County SE Atlanta, police said.About 3:30 p.m. Wednesday, officers responded to a person down call in the 3200 block of Patti Parkway, DeKalb police Capt. Stephen Fore said Thursday in an emailed statement.Officers found 18-year-old Jerrick Carr outside “with no signs of life” and “a handgun beside the body,” Fore said in the statement.Though police believe the gun belonged to Carr, Fore described the incident as “an ongoing homicide investigation.“It was determined that the victim died of multiple gunshot wounds.”No other details were released. These are the headline found on this teen shot ten times and transported to a place other than the original place he was shot Leaving behind a family that loved him at the Candlelight Vigil held October 2, 2015 
The streets surrounding his grandmother's house was packed with people from all walk of life to honor his passing. friend and family gathered together as his mother and father spoke his family and friends cousins uncles aunts of all ages filled the block with lighted candles as tears and crying filled the air with sadness over the death of this 18 year old teen who was found between two houses shot multiple times. Brenda Carr the mother of the victim says police seem to have the case all wrong her son was a decent hard working kid who just got off work and had even gotten paid that day,she says he was a good student naive to the streets.  Just before dropping him off at a friends house.she found it strange that he did not call her which was a standard protocol between the two of them. Being a mother certain alarms go off if you know your kids.There are too many teen deaths with guns young people REMEMBER IT'S EASY TO GET INTO TROUBLE AND HARD TO GET OUT so don't let anyone ruin your future, you are a bright and brilliant light to leading the way to a brighter future. There needs to be a stiffer penalty for cruel and unusual punishment with a gun.  crime continues to climb causing people to be angry at each other and the police , mother against father sister brother neighbor friend co-workers even bosses have gotten greedy and prefer money over love or life because money buys love over and over again life seems better when you have a pocket full of money. everyone is irreplaceable meaning it seems noone means nothing to anyone anymore.  but that was someone's son , someone's brother and the sad thing is tomorrow someone else will be in her shoes.  I say to you to day lets stop killing each other and lets come together and reason with each other. statistics say compassion for your neighbor is gone compassion for your family is gone , it's not all about the dollar now money with no morals does not last, no one is loyal people selling their souls. kids plotting to kill their parents over money   everyone is looking for a angle to outsurvive each other running cons , robbing folks for their valuables putting guns to peoples heads for a ATM pin code .  seems like we want each other to fail even though we doing something positive.  We need to do some soul searching and get back to being human all across the nation. Stop fighting ! stop hatin on each other we can all prosper if we work together. it may be your turn net week but i am in line waiting on my blessing.  work for what you want don't rob and kill. the bible commands (thou shalt not kill) make something out of yourself earn your money don't steal it. love your brother don't kill him ( whatsoever a man soweth he shall reap). today you broke a mother's heart today you took away a brother and a father's son  a young man who had future plans of joining the Air force  a young man trying to fit in find his way and just have fun,  his chance to enjoy life get married have children grow old is now he s gone RIP Jerrick your family and for those who remain here on earth . just remember this could have been you focus and be aware of your surroundings
 I understand that our jobs make it impossible to pay the rent and bills .our bosses pay us unfair wages while we break our backs working overtime and take home a few crumbs for our hard work.  Our kids have to raise themselves and go hungry while the bosses kids eat steak from the sweat of our back our knowledge, while we work just to make mortgage or rent.  real jobs are hard to find companies refuse to hire our black young children because the only example of a black man they ever see is the street version the star the pimp and the pusher all have nice cars lots of girls and money. Preachers want to stay in the church when they are needed in the streets. schools are full of angry spoiled children. Parent are doing any thing in front of their children. can we at least wait until the are grown. they should go give the a foundation train them up in the way they should go.its not to late to save this generation the are looking for a hero. where are the hero's that were in the hall stopping the fights. where are the hero that guarded the streets the guardian angels who stood for justice and what was right they broke up the fight instead of grabbing the camera and putting it on worldstar. non of this is pleasing in God's eyesight , 
 I let us pray for our neighborhood our children our country and its leadership let us come together and make a statement of prayer against domestic violence of all kinds. to the family my deepest sympathy may God comfort and keep you safe in his arms.